Alcons crystal clear sound for Jamie Cullum in Dresden PM solves exciting sound reinforcement task with Pro-Ribbon

Alcons crystal clear sound for Jamie Cullum in Dresden PM solves exciting sound reinforcement task with Pro-Ribbon

Alcons crystal clear sound for Jamie Cullum in Dresden PM solves exciting sound reinforcement task with Pro-Ribbon

Germany – Jamie Cullum is an exceptional jazz musician with pop star status. The multi-instrumentalist, who plays skillfully with pop and rock influences, is known for his enthusiasm for musical exploration on stage as well as Europe’s most successful jazz radio show, which he hosts weekly on BBC Radio.

Recently, the phenomenon Jamie Cullum performed at the Gläserne Manufaktur in Dresden, Germany. PM Systemhaus has been providing event technology at this location since 2001 and also provided audio, show and ambient lighting as well as rigging for this performance, which was a collaboration between Gläserne Manufaktur and Dresden Music Festival.

For the sound system, PM Systemhaus once again opted for an Alcons sound system in order to provide the acoustically demanding location with sound at the highest level. Because the name “Gläserne Manufaktur” already says it all: large glass surfaces dominate the room and provide insight into the production of the all-electric Volkswagen ID.3.

“The challenge was to provide the audience, seated in a semi-circle around the stage, with evenly distributed sound without creating too much acoustic stimulation in the hall, which was highly reflective due to its construction with large glass surfaces,” explains the FoH technician. Thaddäus Walsch while explaining the essential challenge.

A standard right-left PA system was therefore out of the question. Instead, PM system engineer Ingo Schwarzer opted for three linear networks, each with a mono sum. However, this did not diminish the musical experience in any way, as Walsch explains: “An undistorted sound is of great importance to the artist. The reinforcement of all signals should be barely perceptible in the parts quiet and emotional parts of the show, while during the most exuberant parts of the concert the audience should feel like they are attending a wild rock festival.That is the wide dynamic range of the Alcons LR14 dual 6 line array system, 5” which allowed us to offer exactly that.”

The LR14 is a two-way line source passive loudspeaker system suitable for both mobile and fixed installation applications. Loaded with the RBN401 pro-ribbon driver on a “Morpher” lens (with up to 94% frontal radiation, due to the pro-ribbon’s all-natural cylindrical (isophasic) wavefront), the system provides horizontal dispersion at 90° with transparent cover.

Each of Gläserne Manufaktur’s three hangars consisted of nine LR14 pro-ribbon line array systems, extended substage with a dual 15-inch Alcons BF302 sub-bass. As quasi-fills, a total of six Alcons LR7 6.5″ 120° micro-line arrays were used (two each at the position of the external arrays, one between the core array and the external arrays). Five controllers of Alcons Sentinel10 amplified loudspeakers piloted and managed the system (three S10s for the arrays, two S10s for the near field and the sub bass) The whole system was set up by Thaddäus Walsch on a Yamaha Rivage PM10 console and entrusted to the sound engineer of Jamie Cullum.

“The concert was a great success. He didn’t keep anyone in the audience in his place!” confirms system engineer Ingo Schwarzer.

The pro ribbons and high system coherence of the Alcons loudspeakers, which provide remarkable “gain before feedback”, also facilitated a very special concert moment, as Thaddäus Walsch points out: “The great dynamics were clearly noticeable in the audience, which went from attentive listening to wild leaps in about 90 minutes. Especially when Jamie Cullum surprisingly entered the audience with his band to present a song in a very intimate way, far from all sound and light.

photos: sami-el-khaschab_pmgroup

October 21, 2022

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