Dresden approves municipal budget minus RSU 2 withdrawal funds

About 40 voters approved Dresden’s $1,157,865 city budget, as recommended by the city’s budget review committee, and all other items of the mandate at the annual city meeting on Saturday, June 18.

The budget represents an increase of $32,743, or 2.91%, over last year.

However, the budget will remain essentially stable as voters rejected a question that would have allocated $40,000 to begin the RSU 2 withdrawal process in the Tuesday, June 14 vote.

The $40,000 was withdrawn from the budget following the failure of the RSU 2 withdrawal question, City Administrator Daniel Swain said in a telephone interview Wednesday, June 22. The question failed by a vote of 177 to 148, with 82 blank ballots.

The updated total budget, as recommended by the Budget Review Committee, is now $1,117,865, down slightly from last year.

The total budget recommended by the budget review committee is $350 more than the recommended select council on the term of the annual municipal meeting.

The budget review committee and the select committee disagreed on the amounts to be given to the various organizations. The select committee recommended $20,675 for the donation request category, while the budget review committee recommended $21,025.

Residents approved the budget review committee’s recommendation of a higher amount.

Voters also approved changing the day of the annual municipal meeting to the first Tuesday after the state’s primary election in June. No time has yet been set for the next annual municipal meeting.

There were discussions of different terms of reference during the nearly three-hour meeting, according to Swain.

He said there were a lot of new people at the annual municipal meeting who might not be too familiar with the process and procedures. Most of the discussion consisted of explaining some common mandate articles and technical issues.

Swain said he also made some changes to the terms of reference to “streamline the process” that most residents had never seen before, prompting questions.

Swain also reworked the budget slightly from last year, adding a new department for municipal buildings and debt services and moving capital reserve project funds from the general fund into the budget.

Jeff Pierce moderated the meeting.

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