Dresden Auctions Two Used Fire Trucks

The city of Dresden is auctioning off two of its old fire trucks to replenish its coffers.

1975 Pierce Pumper truck is up for auction on municibid.com Contributed

1991 Volvo AutoCar cistern/pump and 1975 Pierce pump refurbished in 1996 are auctioned off on municibid.com, an online auction marketplace for local government agencies and schools to sell surplus, confiscated or confiscated items directly from the public.

According to Dresden city administrator Michael Faass, the city recently purchased a new $280,000 fire truck that replaced these two older fire engines. The authorities therefore decided to auction the old models.

Faass added that funds raised from the auction will go back into the city’s reserve fund to be used for community programs and other public safety initiatives.

“We used some of the money from our cash reserves to buy the new fire truck, so every time we get the money back from the old trucks it will go back into the reserves. It’s like we borrowed from ourselves,” Faass said. However, he declined to say how much money had been used from the cash reserve fund.

According to municibid.com, the drill pump truck has done 16,000 miles and has a current bid of $2,000 with three bids as of July 21. with six offers.

AutoCar by Volvo GMC Tanker/Pumper has a current offer of $5,500. Contributed

“These two fire trucks are in decent operational condition. The tanker originally cost $163,000 and the drilling pumper $16,000,” Dresden Fire Chief Steve Lilly said. “After buying a new fire truck, we thought we had excess equipment, so we decided to sell it to another department or auction it off. The fire department has used the water tanker for nearly 31 years to haul water, and the armor-piercing pumper truck was the prime mover in fighting all kinds of fires.

The online auction for the drill pump truck will end on Friday, the AutoCar tank/pump truck auction will end on Monday.

Greg Berry, founder of municibid.com, said: “We have designed our website so that the general public can easily use it. Anyone 18+ in the US or Canada can create an account and place a bid from anywhere.

According to Berry, fire trucks, in general, are an exciting thing. “It depends on what the buyer intends to do with these trucks. We have people buying fire trucks to pick them up, and people buying them to use on their farms. Sometimes we have companies that buy these trucks for parts or scrap. There is a big market for these trucks.

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