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What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is Virtual Reality (VR) and it creates an immersive and safe environment, providing an intense and realistic experience. It invokes an individual’s senses to make them feel like they are actually in an authentic setting. Virtual reality contains avatars that represent a user’s personality in the digital world. The avatar interacts and meets others, basically you! It is as close to reality as possible. No wonder virtual reality is spreading fast.

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Virtual reality increases human-to-human interaction through an immersive real-world experience. People who interact through technology can observe the body language and behavior of others, increasing trust between those with whom they interact. Virtual reality has already made its way into the modern world, and we all benefit from it in many ways. Companies use it to bring colleagues and stakeholders together across the world. Entertainment companies offer users, architects and real estate agents experiences to discover a space using virtual reality. This makes sense, as today’s digital environment, powered by the COVID-19 pandemic, has moved everyone’s activities online.

For those of you who are used to traditional dating, i.e. going out somewhere and meeting people in person, metaverse dating can feel very strange and possibly downright scary. It might even seem a little strange for the 55% of LGBTQ people in the United States who date online. However, online dating apps see virtual reality dating as the future. Match and Tinder have invested in technology and virtual economies, yes the cryptocurrency used to purchase goods and services through the app.

According to a Pew study, 45% of current users of online dating sites in the United States have negative experiences. Why? Because many people fake their information online. As online dating increases steadily, how can you safely meet your partner online?

One of the attractive features virtual reality dating offers is a trusted environment to meet and interact with others instead of traditional online dating. Instead of swiping left or right on a profile with information, photos and videos, VR technology allows you to immerse yourself and interact with other humans in real time. It brings a warmer shared experience into the online world and helps verify another person before meeting them, alleviating the usual online dating woes of catfishing, lying, the presence of physical dangers. But, there are risks that come with online dating.

Manage your risks online

You should always take your safety for granted. Protecting yourself online is necessary no matter what gadgets you use, and it’s not that hard to implement some security measures before speeding down the internet highway.

VR technology presents four specific areas of security issues you may encounter and here are some tips for overcoming them.

Data Security

VR technology requires an internet connection, and all connected devices require security software to prevent data leaks and unauthorized intrusions. Yes, even your VR technology is hackable! Secure your information, make sure you use proper authentication measures, configure settings correctly, and use advanced endpoint protection that includes antivirus for IoT devices.

Privacy and Security

Tech apps can expose your data, and most new tech toys lack security. For example, VR technology does not encrypt data, a process that scrambles your information to prevent unauthorized access. Therefore, the technology can expose your conversations, data and locations to third parties. Imagine if a stalker gets your location because a third-party app shared your data. A good measure of privacy is to be careful about what information you share in the app and how to use it.

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Physical security

If someone is targeting you to physically harm you, they can get information about you without even meeting you, and that’s a risk. Staying aware when using technology is essential. Just as you wouldn’t transmit sensitive information to a stranger via traditional methods, avoid doing so via virtual reality.

What about self-harm or those around you? VR technology limits the senses of the individual using it. This means you can’t see your surroundings or hear what’s going on. Several injuries come from individuals in the Metaverse who hurt themselves by tripping over a coffee table or stepping into a wall, even damaging their TVs by throwing something. It is crucial to use technology wisely in an area free of obstacles.

Fraud and identity theft

Not everyone has the right intention. Fraudsters and those looking to steal identities will always be on the prowl. While virtual reality dating is undoubtedly a great step to check someone out before you meet them and gain a better sense of confidence, thinking you’re safe from harm is a false sense of hope. Never provide sensitive information about yourself that someone could use against you.

Even though VR technology is new and provides a safer environment to meet people online, it is imperative to protect yourself from adverse events and safe dating tips should be heeded.

Once you’ve made a safety plan and put the right measures in place, go ahead and have fun with VR dating. This could be the next place you meet your next mate! Knowing the risks and how to navigate safely will help you stay safe.

Step away from traditional online dating! The future is here, and the metaverse is now a reality.

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