Dresden hit between multiple cities in Friday storms

DRESDEN, Tenn. — The city of Dresden is nearly destroyed after Friday night storms swept through the city’s downtown core.

“It went from a very loud immediate event to a quiet and calm right after and we got out and saw the destruction and as you can see all around us that’s what happened in for about 10 seconds as this thing was moving,” said Dresden Mayor Jeff Washburn.

Several houses have been destroyed, businesses have completely disappeared. The land you see on your screen was once a garage sale store. Now with almost nothing to salvage. The owner, Nathan Brackett, is devastated.

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“I was like fine, there’s that. We’ll just leave that here for now and that was about it. I really couldn’t. It was a lot of different mixed emotions,” says Garage Sale Treasures owner Nathan Brackett.

Brackett now lives in Martin, but says when he came to town he was shocked by the aftermath.

“It’s where I had my first memories of things bigger than myself and it’s a great city and it really humbles me and I can’t wait to get back into the community and help out,” said Brackett said.

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There are currently no known fatalities from the storm, but some residents have been injured.

“The lights went out, then we heard a roar. It was very noisy and the back door shattered. I told the other officers to come down and that made me back down the hall. I had to grab the door frame and a big plank of cedar fell from the sky and hit me in the head,” said Lt. Bryan Chandler.

Officer Chandler suffered a minor concussion, bruised ribs and leg pain. He says he didn’t know what to think at the moment, but the only thing he was thinking about was his family.

“The roof was gone and I looked up. It was, I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through this. I never want to go through that again. I really was, the only thing on my mind was my wife and kids down there,” Chandler says.

Mayor Washburn says it could take up to a year and a half to fix, restore and rebuild the town, but he wants residents to remember that.

“Be patient, be patient with us, nothing of this magnitude happens overnight, a cleanup of this magnitude, but I would tell them to hope that we have a good city again,” Washburn said.

Due to safety issues and damage, Dresden and Sharon’s schools will be closed on Monday. Gleason, Greenfield and Martin schools will be open.

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