Dresden – The city that was burned down

Elaine Blair dwelt at length on the Dresden attacks in her book “Escape”. The city’s stunning Baroque architecture and rich cultural heritage have earned it the nickname “Florence on the Elbe”. On February 13, 1945, British and American bombers attacked this unprepared town, unleashing three waves of fire that lasted 24 hours. It looked like Dresden was on fire from hell. First, the roofs of the old town caught fire. The Gestapo outside Dresden, trying to apprehend Jews escaping from the burning city, was the second horror.

Germans born in Silesia tried to escape the Russian Red Army. Many people in Dresden seemed worried about this. Everyone was alarmed and discussing the possibility of the Russians attacking Dresden. However, most people in Dresden believed that because their city was so beautiful, historic, and culturally essential, it would never be attacked or bombed. Hitler considered Dresden a jewel of the German Empire. Little was done regarding security measures as even Dresden officials believed the city to be safe.

The trip to the city of Dresden in the fall of 2019 was when Elaine drew inspiration to write her book about the city of Dresden. The inspiration for this book comes from there. But, first, I wanted to tell you the story of the destruction and the reconstruction of this beautiful city. Dresden is comparable to a Phoenix in architecture which perished and rose again from its ashes.

Historical fiction appeals to Elaine. She enjoys researching and learning about various societies, historical figures and cultures. His visit to Dresden, with its beautiful, stately and Saxony-infused historic buildings, was nonetheless enjoyable. The most unexpected feature was that these buildings were not the originals and had been renovated since 1945.

Elaine Blair described it so well for her reader on the background of the destruction and restoration of this beautiful city in her book “Escape”.

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