Dresden unanimously approves medical cannabis showcase

Michael Stewart addresses the Dresden Planning Board on Monday July 19 during a public hearing regarding his application to open a medical cannabis storefront at 353 Patterson Road. (Photo by Nate Poole)

The Dresden Planning Board has unanimously approved Michael Stewart’s application to open a retail storefront for his medical marijuana business at 353 Patterson Road following a public hearing at Pownalborough Hall on Monday July 19.

Stewart’s business, Smooth Remedies, was approved by the city to operate in delivery capacity in March. After updating her individual caregiver license through the state, Stewart submitted an application to open a “caregiver retail store” at a property currently owned by her father, Daniel Stewart.

“Through a holistic approach to health, wellness and agriculture, my mission is to bring safe and effective alternative medicine to patients to improve their quality of life,” Stewart said in a statement. attached to his application file.

Asked by Board Chairman Jeff Pierce what types of products he would have at the store, Stewart said he would offer cannabis products in three forms: flower, which is smoked, concentrated, which can be applied topically or smoked, and edible.

Dresden resident Sue Pilgrim submitted a three-and-a-half-page written statement opposing the endorsement of Stewart’s candidacy. Pilgrim said she has lived on Patterson Road with her family for 25 years and argued that a medical cannabis business is not compatible with a residential area for various reasons, including safety, aesthetics and impacts. on the value of nearby properties.

“While I applaud Mr. Stewart for his desire to start a business, I have serious concerns about this proposal and its impact on our residential area and our property. As we are almost across the street, we will see, hear and be affected by any activity at 353 Patterson Road,” Pilgrim said in his letter.

When counsel opened the hearing to public comment, Pilgrim declined to speak and referred counsel to their written statement.

Daniel Stewart said he would give his number to any neighbors at the store, many of whom were present, and they could contact him at any time with any questions or concerns.

“Come see us and we’ll do everything we can to make it a good neighbor for you,” said Daniel Stewart.

The board then voted unanimously to approve the application with terms that Michael Stewart would label and define the company’s four parking spaces, work with the city’s code enforcement officer for the placement of its sign and would deploy a sort of buffer between the store’s parking lot and a neighbor’s driveway.

In other news, the council also welcomed new planning board member Dawn Palace, who fills the post vacated by former member Russell Peckham. The board also re-elected Pierce as chair, Dan Hanley as vice-chair, and Patty Stewart as planning board secretary.

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