Dresden woman still waiting for help from WCLTRG – NWTN Today

Story by news reporter Shannon Taylor

Dresden resident Lillian Mosely has been waiting for help from the Weakley County Long Term Recovery Group (WCLTRG) since the Dec. 10 tornado swept through and caused extensive damage to her home.

Mosely said his roof was very badly damaged, his back patio was completely swept away, and two sheds were also completely destroyed. “I never saw them again.” She said her garage was all but gone, but a tree uprooted itself and fell on it. She said she used some of the money to replace the garage, but had none left to repair the rest. Mosley replaced the garage so she could place any remaining furniture in her home to prevent further damage. She tried to call storage units but said “everywhere you call they were just full”.

Mosley said prices had gone up for everything rebuilding and she just didn’t realize what it was going to cost to replace and rebuild everything.

Mosley said someone came the next morning and tarred the house for her, but her roof never stopped leaking and it’s been tarred three times since the tornado. She said the roof, ceiling and drywall are so badly damaged that water is seeping into her home, and the damage has gotten worse every day since the tornado hit. She said her bedroom ceiling was collapsing. Her house is uninhabitable and she stayed with her daughter for five months and she now lives in her rental property.

Mosely said that although she had some money from her insurance, it wasn’t enough to fix her house because, she says, they didn’t consider it a total loss. She said her insurance company was supposed to come out soon to reassess the damage since the tornado and give the new information to Mosely’s adjuster.

Mosley said much more damage has occurred since the tornado, making conditions even worse than they originally were. She said she filed an application with FEMA and was denied. The Red Cross gave her $1,500.00, which Mosely said she used to get by right after the tornado hit. She also applied for an SBA loan and spoke with the recovery center and had someone help her file her paperwork to make sure she sent it in on time. “I don’t know if I’m going to need it, but if I do it’s ready and all my papers are there. I’m 82 now and at my age I really hate borrowing money .”

Mosely said she had a case manager with WCLTRG and her case manager was out of Mayfield. She said her case manager calls and checks on her periodically. Mosley said her case manager contacted her and let her know that she was giving her case to a man named Ethan Freese at the recovery center.

Mosley said her rental property was also damaged and the money she made from it went to pay for repairs, so she really has no income at this point that can help her at all.

Mosley said his house needed to be vacated before anything happened due to mold and water damage. She said Sandra Taylor of Be the Village told her she would provide two to three people to help her with this project. “It’s the current situation. It’s like everything is waiting for something else. I’ve been moving all summer. I’m going to move what I can little by little.

Mosley said she hopes things will work out, but at the moment she is waiting and wondering when or if she will get help from the WCLTRG. She said she was lucky for all the wonderful people in Dresden who came out to volunteer right after the tornado, she is grateful that Dresden suffered no loss of life and she thanks Be the Village for helping her with what she could. “Sandra has been such a blessing. I have never had to take anything from anyone in my entire life. My husband passed away five years ago and we have never depended on anyone.

Mosley said her case manager told her they would try to help her, but she received no amount or indication that they would actually help her. Mosley said she had had her case manager for several months now and called weekly to check on her, but still had not received confirmation that she would receive help.

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