Egypt hails Germany’s naming of Dresden park after Egyptian hate crime victim

Marwa al-Sherbini; Egyptian citizen stabbed to death in 2009 in a hate crime.

CAIRO – March 17, 2022: Egypt has welcomed the German government’s recent decision to name a park in a Dresden city court after the late Egyptian citizen Marwa el-Sherbini, who was stabbed to death in Germany in 2009.

Khaled Abu Bakr, the Egyptian Defense Authority’s lawyer in the case, posted a photo of the garden bearing the deceased’s name on his Facebook page, commenting: “After more than 10 years…the government German decided to name a garden, where Marwa el-Sherbini lost her life, after her name.

The crime took place after a verbal altercation between “Marwa” and a German citizen of Russian origin, Alex Wiens, in a children’s park. Wiens insulted her for wearing the ‘veil/scarf covering the hair of Muslim women’ hijab, prompting her to sue him for verbal abuse and won the case, while he was sentenced to a fine of 780 euros.

As the case was being heard in a court in Dresden, Wiens pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed her repeatedly in the courtroom until she died. Marwa’s husband, who was present at the hearing, was also stabbed repeatedly by Wiens and shot dead as police tried to intervene.

Marwa was a German resident who was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1977. Her case dominated the headlines at the time and remained the most prominent incident in Germany at the end of the last decade. Many Islamic settlements across Europe have been named after Marwa, known as the “Martyrdom of the Headscarf”.

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