Gabriel & Dresden’s Josh Gabriel Opens Up About Heart Attack: “It Was A Big Shock, But It Made A Lot Of Meaning” –

Josh Gabriel of acclaimed dance music duo Gabriel & Dresden has announced he is giving up touring following a recent heart attack.

Gabriel took to the duo’s verified Instagram account to talk about the experience, which he says stems from “burnout, exhaustion and general pushing to my limits.” The famous trance and progressive house music producer told fans he was in hospital for two days but is now recovering at home.

“It was a shock, but it made a lot of sense,” Gabriel wrote. “Last year I struggled with feelings of burnout, exhaustion and being pushed to my limits. I now have an understanding of what was really going on.”

Gabriel’s announcement not only serves as a candid window into his own struggles, but also a statement about the pitfalls of life as a touring DJ. Mental health and self-care have never been more essential in the fast-paced world of electronic dance music.

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“The hardest part is the reality that I have to stop touring until I’ve recovered,” continued Gabriel, adding that his longtime bandmate Dave Dresden will be touring solo until he’s ready to come back. “I will miss playing for you and seeing everyone’s smiling faces on the dance floor. Now is the time for me to focus on my physical and mental health.”

You can read Gabriel’s full statement below.



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