Germany’s Alleged Russophobia Victim Demands Putin’s Dresden Bombshell – Kyiv Post

Alena Dirksen, the Russian-born German owner of the Rodina restaurant in Mittweida, posted a video on TikTok on Monday, October 10, where she filmed Ukrainian protesters in Dresden the same day Russia launched a massive missile attack on several Ukrainian cities. , including the center of Kyiv.

She comments on the demonstration by saying “Vladimir Vladimirovitch [Putin]they didn’t have enough [bombings in Ukraine today]. You can also bomb them once here in Dresden.

The Tik Tok video is accompanied by many explicit hashtags, such as “idiot”, “vladimir vladimirovich” and “fix the situation” (with a misspelling in Russian).

In another TikTok video, Dirksen goes on to say that people who now leave a one-star review on his restaurant and write some kind of “f#ckery” in his Instagram are “wrong” if they think they do a disservice.

“Bad publicity is also publicity. Keep doing the same,” she said smugly, blowing air kisses to the audience.

The hashtags accompanying the video are similar to those posted in the first: “Russia”, “work brothers”, and “I am not ashamed” (Russian slogan introduced at the beginning of the war in response to I am ashamed [of being Russian]).

Both videos have gone viral on social media, with Belarusian media NEXTA and German Bild editing an article highlighting the story.

German police also responded to a corresponding Twitter thread, saying “We have secured the video and are forwarding the matter to responsible colleagues for verification.”

Alena Dirksen deleted the posts and removed her social media credentials.

Aggressor portrayed as victim

Dirksen’s story is reinforced by the fact that she appeared in German media several months earlier where she was described as a “victim” of “hostility”.

The German media Frei Presse published a short film article on August 9 about Dirksen and his family and their restaurant in Mittweida (Rodina means “homeland” in Russian), with the opening line of the article: “Alena Dirksen has lived in Mittweida for 20 years and runs the Rodina restaurant. Borscht Ukrainskij, a Ukrainian dish, is also on the menu. The past few weeks have not been easy for her and her family. She also installed surveillance cameras at the bar.

The story focuses on the restaurant’s interior, which uses classic Russian elements such as the matryoshka doll, his mother cooking there, and Dirksen encountering hostility for origin reasons hinting at injustice. of that.

In response to this article, journalists from the Ukrainian organization contacted the article’s author, Anna Schwesinger, and asked her why she had decided to omit vital information from this story, such as the Dirksen’s public support for Russian War Stories on Facebook. She had notably published poems about the ignorant world “the war in Donbass for eight years” and added the Russian flag to her profile picture in support of the Russian government.

StopFake reporter Alexei Zamkovoi showed a screenshot of messages he sent to Schwesinger after the article was published in August, in which he asks her why she did not include vital information about the main “victim” of the article.

He confirmed that to date, Schwesinger has not responded to his request.

Kyiv Post has also filed a request for Schwesinger and Freie Presse to comment on the situation and whether they plan to issue an apology for failing to include critical information and whether they plan to remove the article.

Frei Presse did not respond to an immediate request for information.

The article continues to be available on the Freie Presse website and on social media where comments have been limited.

A single example

The Dirksen episode is just one of many examples of Russia’s overt support for Putin’s regime and hatred towards Ukrainians abroad, including in EU member states.

In France, two Ukrainians were beaten by a Russian national for listening to Ukrainian music in public, one of the Ukrainians ended up in hospital.

In Sweden, in the spring, a Russian woman Eugenia Karlsson was filmed trampling the Ukrainian flag next to the Russian Embassy in Stockholm, telling Olga Kaida, the Ukrainian girl filming, that Ukrainians in Sweden are either ‘prostitutes’ or ‘wash the floors’ and that the Ukrainian flag is “fascist”.

Multiple videos have emerged in Germany and Austria where Russians have fun offending Ukrainians. One such participant is Germany-based blogger Yulia Prokhorova, who filmed herself following two Ukrainians singing “Russia will win la-la-la” and using the police summons as toilet paper and showing it to the camera.

In some cases, the perpetrators have, due to a great outcry, suffered repercussions.

Prokhorova has now left Germany, according to her own videoresult of an alleged expulsion.

Meanwhile, Karlsson was reportedly fired from his workplace. She continues to live in Stockholm, however, according to publicly available information.

To date, Russian nationals abroad have not staged mass pro-Ukraine protests or large-scale denunciations of Putin’s regime.

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