Hermes Germany plans 1 million zero-emission deliveries to Dresden per year

Hermes Germany is to make 3,000 emissions-free deliveries daily in the city of Dresden.

According to Hermes Germany, this will amount to around one million shipments per year, which will be delivered by 21 electric transporters and electric bicycles from the summer.

“Emission-free delivery in the city center of Dresden is a real milestone for us,” says Sebastian Schulze-Kirchner, regional manager at Hermes Germany. “We now deliver CO 2 -free shipments to more than 17 postcode areas. With this step, we are not only making the city of Dresden even more livable, but also fulfilling our promise to continue to promote sustainable city logistics nationwide.

The starting point for sustainable delivery is a centrally located distribution center with the necessary charging infrastructure. “Electric vans are only one side of the coin,” adds Sebastian Schulze-Kirchner. “The right on-site charging infrastructure must also be in place to make such a project possible.” The 21 vans are loaded overnight and transport over 3,000 shipments during the day without generating carbon emissions.

In addition to many last mile deliveries, many ParcelShop deliveries will be made using zero emission vehicles. Between them, it is estimated that the vehicles will save around 129 tons of CO2 per year. Other areas of Dresden are expected to see e-van delivery as Hermes Germany plans to add five more to the city’s fleet in the coming months.

In addition, cargo bikes will also be used from the summer: “Together with the city of Dresden and other market players, we will set up a microhub site in Dresden Neustadt”, says Sebastian Schulze- Kirchner, looking to the future. “From there, the cargo bikes will then be delivered to the city center without emissions. Cargo bikes are a perfect addition to our mobility concept in Dresden.

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