Lindsley’s Banquet Barn brings event hall to Dresden area

DRESDEN – The Lindsley family home has always been the perfect place for special occasions.

So when a property with a barn was up for sale behind their Dresden home, they jumped at the chance to turn event planning into a business by opening a new event venue aptly named Lindsley’s Banquet Barn.

“We were the Super Bowl party house, New Year’s Eve — everyone came to our house to have events,” Kailey Lindsley said.

The barn at 4060 New Riley Road was once Andy’s auction house, which has closed. The four Lindsleys are co-owners and work in tandem.

Each of the four family members has their own niche in the business. Nicole said her dad Doug is the designated maintenance guy, mows the lawn and does other chores; Tanya does the accounting; and his daughters Kailey and Nicole do all the meet and greets with customers to determine how they want the event to go.

So, according to the family, what sets their 4,000 square foot event hall apart from others? There are a few things.

Besides the main event barn, there is another separate structure full of decorations that guests can choose to use. The use of decorations such as lanterns, candles, tables and chairs does not incur an additional charge.

A rental means the space is yours all day, from 8:00 a.m. until the end of your event. The barn can hold up to 25 eight-seater tables.

You can also have an event coordinator to set up whatever is thrown at them during their day. For example, a bride won’t need to interrupt pre-wedding preparations to tell the florist where to leave the flowers.

But what really makes the place special, according to the sisters, is that it’s a family affair.

“I think our parents were such great role models and they wanted us to be part of that, so I never really doubted that,” Nicole said. “Our faith and our family is so strong I think with the four of us, and the outpouring of community already, we feel so encouraged.”

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