Mayor says he received an allegation of attempted voter fraud in Dresden, Tennessee | New

DRESDEN, TN – Dresden Mayor Jeff Washburn says he received information alleging a solicitation to commit voter fraud in the northwest Tennessee city.

Weakley County Press reports that Washburn posted a message on Facebook last week claiming that he had received information that someone who did not live in Dresden or own property there had tried to register to vote using an address of Dresden to “benefit from a mayoral candidate she supports”.

Washburn later said the incident involved a solicitation to check in illegally and no one actually checked in illegally, according to the article published on NWTN Today, the joint website of Weakley County Press and The Union City Messenger. .

A Weakley County Board of Elections office official told Weakley County Press that they had not received any reports of voter fraud and were not aware of anything reported by the district attorney’s office. The prosecutor’s office also told the newspaper that it was not aware of any allegations of voter fraud being investigated.

The publication reports that the mayor said he checked with District Attorney General Colin Johnson that his office had received a complaint alleging voter fraud. Washburn told the newspaper that Johnson told him personally that he had received the same information alleging voter fraud that Washburn had received.

The newspaper says Washburn claimed that the person who came to him with the allegation “refused to go ahead with anything.”

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