Mena Suvari Joins Steven Ogg and Christina Ricci in Cyberpunk Movie

Deadline reports that Mena Suvari (american horror story) has signed on to join the cast of writer-director Michael Ryan’s cyberpunk film The Dresden Sunan interesting project that should also star Steven Ogg (the Walking Dead), Christina Ricci (yellow jackets) and Samantha Win (army of the dead). It’s a solid cast for a movie, and the story Ryan will drop them into.

watches as a heist heads south when Crilenger—a brilliant and principled mercenary with a traumatic past—works with an insider to steal a valuable Peredor Corporation asset called “the Sphere.” The C&Earth Corporation, vying for world domination, seeks to find a solution to an otherworldly technology via a scientist’s project. Meanwhile, a financial analyst, who despises his job at powerful investment firm Mutual One, finds himself caught between deadly corporate rivals, financial fraud and tech espionage, and is ultimately forced on the run from an entrepreneur. psychopathic soldier.

Ogg plays Crilenger.

The synopsis seemed solid throughout and got a thumbs up with the mention of “otherworldly technology”, but it really won me over at the end when talking about Crilenger having to flee “a psychopathic military contractor “. I can’t wait to hear who plays the psychopath in The Dresden Sunbecause that’s actually the role I expected Ogg to play.

In addition to american horror storySuvari is best known for her roles in american beauty and American Tart. It seems that if something has “American” in the title, it increases the chances of her being chosen there.

Ryan is producing the film with Tyler Lockamy, through their Archetype Pictures banner.

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