Power outage in Dresden affects Bosch and Infineon

© Bosch (for illustrative purposes only)

Components | September 16, 2021

Production resumes at the three main chipmakers in Dresden (Germany).

A spokesperson for chipmaker Infineon commented to dpa: “Both production lines will be gradually ramped up.” It will take some time for production to run at full capacity, but no specific time frame has been mentioned. “We have a standby generator for safety-critical systems.” Pumps, emergency lighting and computer systems continued to operate, but production was halted. The amount of damage is still unclear and needs to be assessed. The new Bosch semiconductor factory was also affected: “The existing emergency power supply was put into operation immediately and was able to maintain the most important construction and safety functions of the Dresden factory”, said said a spokeswoman. Production was, however, halted and restarted in a controlled manner on Monday afternoon. The damage is being assessed. Globalfoundries, which operates large-scale production in Dresden, has two energy supply centers that operate independently of the public grid. “It saved us from great harm,” company spokesman Jens Drews told dpa.

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