QDC hires more than 100 corn strippers in the Wallaceburg and Dresden area

Quality Detasseling Contractors (QDC) is set to hire over 100 corn detachers and managers in Wallaceburg, Dresden and surrounding areas this summer.

Mike Scollard, owner of the business, says it’s similar to last year and there are opportunities to earn money for spotters and executives.

Good news this season is that all COVID-19 safety protocols have been lifted.

This means everyone can return to normal in terms of seating and masking etc.

“Anyone who chooses to wear a mask certainly can, but it’s not mandatory at this time,” Scollard said.

“If any protocols are reintroduced before or during secondment season, we will follow them.”

Another good news for workers this year is that wage rates have risen again.

There’s also a higher year-end salary and more travel time allotted.

The minimum wage this season has been increased to $14.10 an hour for those under 18 and $15 an hour for those 18 and older.

“The steady increase in minimum wage rates should encourage young people to come to work and be able to earn more money this summer,” Scollard said, adding that these were just the minimum hourly rates.

“We will continue our higher compensation programs for experienced workers and those who come in to do the work for us every day.”

Scollard added that there are also opportunities for leadership positions.

“As students gain experience, they can start training and leading others, and also get a pay raise,” he said.

“For many young people, this is their first real leadership position. And it’s valuable experience to have for other jobs. Whether you’re new to the secondment or have some experience, the higher pay, bonuses and leadership opportunities really reward ambitious young workers.

Untanglers must be at least 13 years old to register and animators must be at least 17-18 years old and have at least two years of untangling experience.

QDC also hires many local young adults and adults for supervisory and bus driving positions.

“There’s a wide variety of jobs that need to be filled in order to have a successful scaling season,” Scollard said.

The planting of the crop went well this spring.

Although exact detachment dates depend on growing conditions by July, it could start a little earlier than normal this year.

“The secondment usually starts around mid-July, but this season could start the week before,” Scollard said.

“For anyone interested in coming to work this year and planning a vacation, it would be best to take it in very early July or around mid-August.”

Although the weather plays an important role in how the season unfolds, a typical day lasts six to eight hours.

“In hot weather, it’s better to wrap up a bit earlier,” Scollard said.

“It also helps motivate young people to come back the next day too.”

QDC has six pick-up points and numerous buses operating throughout the region, including Bothwell and Thamesville, so there is one near everyone, Scollard added.

You can get more information about QDC and their Student Summer Job Opportunity, visit: www.JobsAtQDC.com

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