Residents of Dresden look to the positive side as they clean up the tornado

DRESDEN, Tennessee – On December 10, communities in West Tennessee were hit by powerful tornadoes.

The Dresden area was hit by an EF-3 tornado, leaving damage and debris for miles. Now community members are coming together to clean up their town.

“My heart’s desire, ever since I heard about the tornadoes that hit this area, is to go out and do whatever I can to help these people,” said volunteer Teddy Butler.

Some members of the community needed a little more help than others, like Jerry Rachels who says there was nothing left of his belongings when he arrived.

“About the state he is in now. Only about five times bigger. It was piled up, just a big rubble. There was nothing standing,” Rachels said.

And while losing her business was heartbreaking, Rachels says there was an upside.

“Of course it was devastating, but my first thought when I got to the site and saw this was, ‘These were just material possessions. It was just stuff,” Rachels said.

Rachels was grateful that her family and employees were safe, but wondered how many others were when he arrived in town the following Saturday morning.

“My family was safe, my workers were safe, but when I walked through the first two houses I saw, they were friends of mine who were living, and I wondered if they were still alive. life,” Rachels said.

But volunteers say the destruction is even worse in person.

“There is so much devastation. I had seen it on TV, but being here is totally different,” Butler said.

Rachels says community members from across the country have come to help over the past week and will continue to help in the future.

“The outpouring of compassion has been fantastic. If there’s any blessing in that, that’s it,” Rachels said.

Rachels says the cleanup process is going well and there is a lot of help.

“I think it went really well. We got some stuff back. Hopefully in a few days we’ll have it all cleaned up,” Rachels said.

The cleanup process in Dresden is not short-lived and the city still has some way to go. They encourage everyone to come and help.

“I want to encourage others, if you have the time and if you are able, to come and help us. But above all, keep us in your prayers,” Butler said.

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