Semperoper Dresden will open the 2022-23 season with AI-Composed Opera

On September 3, 2022, Semperoper Dresden will open its 2022-23 season with the premiere of “Chasing Waterfalls”, a multimedia program centered on artificial intelligence and partly composed and written by her.

The work will see a computer-generated algorithm perform a number of roles, such as supporting the singers with its “voice” in real time, as well as performing the main part of the piece itself. The project is led by director and media artist Sven Soren Beyer with Berlin-based arts collective phase7 Performing.arts. Other collaborators include writer Christiane Neudecker who created the booklet and experimented with AI text generators, videographers Frieder Weiss and Ployz, and Berlin design studio Eigengrau.

The AI’s computer-generated voice will be made up of samples from Norwegian soprano Eir Inderhaug, which the AI ​​will use to create its own unique “song” for each performance.

Among the other technological innovations, a real waterfall is planned, as well as an eight-meter kinetic light sculpture made up of LED panels which will hang above the stage and “embodie” the AI. The public will also be able to be part of the scenography since the volunteer visitors will be scanned in 3D before each performance and integrated into the scenography.

The project will be presented in Dresden as well as at the New Vision Arts Festival in Hong Kong in November.

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