Storms cause ‘significant’ damage to Dresden high school; Students from Weakley, Union City and Obion will return to class on Wednesday | News

WEAKLEY COUNTY, TN – Schools were closed in Weakley County, Tennessee, on Tuesday after early morning storms caused power outages, fallen trees and storm damage. For the school district, the worst damage was to Dresden High School and its bus and maintenance garage, a district spokesperson said.

Weakley County Schools communications director Karen Campbell said the damage to the high school was “significant”. She says three classrooms were flooded due to roof damage and water flowed from those rooms through the hallway to the library, where it seeped into the carpet. She says two football pitch lamp posts were knocked down, the roof of a storage shed was blown off the road and a tree was uprooted.

Campbell says the storm ripped the bus garage doors off and knocked out a power line. The roof also suffered damage, according to the school district.

She shared several photos of the storm damage to the school with Local 6.


Power line poles were also knocked down at the district’s personal development center, which removed Wi-Fi for all facilities.

Schools in Union City were also closed Tuesday due to storm damage. Schools in Obion County were also closed due to downed power lines and storm damage.

Weakley County Schools Superintendent Randy Frazier said unless there are further issues on Tuesday night, students will return to school on Wednesday, with some high school class locations rearranged in due to storm damage.

Union City students and Obion County students will also return to class on Wednesday, the two districts announced.


In Dresden, one person was killed because of the storm. The 49-year-old woman was sleeping when a tree fell on her mobile home. Weakley County Emergency Management Agency Director Ray Wiggington said the National Weather Service believes hurricane-force straight-line winds are to blame.

“We are aware that there has been loss of life and wish to express our condolences. In the face of a natural disaster such as this, we want to keep our circumstances in perspective,” Frazier said in a statement. “While we have any issues that need to be resolved, we are grateful to have excellent staff who have been on the scene and secured the facility.”

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