The City will install new water pipes on Dresden Road to improve the system

ZANESVILLE – Residents of Dresden Road will experience fewer water service problems if all goes well with the latest phase of the city’s water system plan.

Next year, the city plans to replace the water pipes covering about a mile and a half along the road and connect it to the surrounding area. On Monday, the Zanesville City Council Ways and Means Committee discussed an ordinance that would move this part of the watermain project forward.

It’s a preventative solution that will benefit residents in many ways, according to Mayor Don Mason. Having a system in place will prevent annoying problems like broken water pipes from occurring in the future.

“It’s like fixing your house. You start somewhere, one room might need new windows, another room might need something else,” he said of the planned final part. of 2021.

The idea is that it would also improve the efficiency of the water utility by making the most efficient use of the taxpayer-funded water utility workforce.

The current cost of the Dresden Road upgrade is unclear, as engineers have yet to design it.

The Dresden Road improvement is part of a more comprehensive water system plan that has been underway since the late 1980s, according to Mason. It was then that the city launched a strategy to improve the water supply systems at all ends of the city.

This is only the last part of the project which covered the areas of Linden Avenue, Dresden Road and Taylor Street.

He cited other examples of water supply systems projects across the city – water tower upgrades at the south end and east end.

The ordinance discussed Monday would allow the city to obtain a loan from the state.

Officials also plan to work with an Akron engineering group to come up with an estimate for the project before formally requesting the loan, Zanesville Civil Service Director Scott Brown said.

Adoption of the ordinance depends on a full vote of council. The next board meeting will be on Monday, December 28.

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