The college of aldermen of Dresden votes the censure of the mayor and demands his resignation | New

DRESDEN, TN — Freedom of speech is a constitutional right — a right that April Lieberman, a citizen of Dresden, Tennessee, says she fights for.

On Monday evening, the Dresden Board of Aldermen voted in favor of a resolution to censure Mayor Jeff Washburn.

Washburn deleted comments and blocked citizens from the city government’s Facebook page, preventing them from speaking freely. It also impacted their access to city updates and information.

Because tornado recovery updates were released on a regular basis, blocked accounts could no longer be notified of new information or resources offered.

The city of Dresden decided to deactivate the Facebook page after inappropriate interactions between citizens and the mayor.

Updates continued on his personal news page – as did the blocking of some residents. April Lieberman says that’s what happened to her.

” You can not do this. You cannot choose, as an elected official, which citizens participate in the public sphere, which are not allowed to,” Lieberman says.


Washburn says he blocked 16 accounts in total, but believes two people owned all of the blocked accounts. It is a choice that he defends.

“They would get in on it, use vile or foul language, or make defamatory statements against anyone, including myself, or anyone else who had posted on the page. I would keep doing it,” Washburn says.

Regarding his personal Facebook news page, The Weakley Times, Washburn says, “We have the First Amendment right, like every other citizen in this community, to post what we like on these pages.

Now that Washburn has been censored, Lieberman says the city can focus on more pressing matters.

“Now that everyone can participate freely again, we can concentrate on the task at hand, which, as you can see from the field in front of us, is a half-demolished city. We have a lot of reconstruction to do,” says Lieberman.


The board also called for Washburn to resign.

He responded by saying, “They can ask whatever they want. The answer is no.”

The mayor plans to run for a third term in the next election.

The city of Dresden restored its Facebook page on Tuesday.

However, Washburn is denied access to posting there for the foreseeable future.

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