The historic outdated Methodist Church in Dresden due to a tornado

DRESDEN, Tenn. — A local town mourns the loss of a historic place of worship.

Almost a month ago, Dresden First United Methodist Church was ready for prayer and fellowship. But three weeks later, it disappeared due to the December 10 tornadoes.

Last weekend construction crews were forced to completely demolish what was left after structural damage was deemed irreparable.

“It is a sad day for Dresden to see the work being done at the Methodist Church. Certainly understandable. They have to do something, and the damage from the tornado is now so bad that the church can no longer be repaired,” said Weakley County Mayor Jake Bynum. “Now we’re looking at what the church is doing in terms of the replacement.”

What remains of the church dates back to the 1800s. For the city of Dresden, it has lost a piece of its history.

“Obviously any structure in Dresden that needs to be demolished is heartbreaking, but especially so when you consider the age and beauty of this facility,” Bynum said. “But on top of that is the impact a church has on a community.”

Bynum says he has faith, that won’t stop people from worshiping one way or another. He says it will be exciting to see where they go from here.

“The church is not the building. It’s the people. And so we know we have a large Methodist church community here, and so we know they’re actively having conversations about how they’re rebuilding. What does it look like? Where will they be when we get through this recovery phase, and we’re excited about that,” Bynum said.

Church leaders and members have teamed up with other churches in the community to hold a service at a temporary location in the interim.

Church leaders have yet to decide when or where their new church will be built.

If you would like to donate to the Dresden community, you can visit and click on the tornado relief tab.

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