Want to buy a Dresden Maine City Fire Truck?

Go on. You know you want one. Not a fire engine red vehicle. A real fire truck. Red of course.

Imagine the envy of your neighbors if you pulled your new 1975 Pierce Pumper (refurbished in 1996) around your yard.

Or really wow them with the 1991 Volvo White/GMC Tanker/Pumper Autocar.

They are up for auction on municibid dot com. Click Maine.

This is the oldest and cheapest bid that the city of Dresden sells and the auction ends this afternoon for this one, so hurry hurry hurry.



And the most expensive and newest fire truck



Now think back to childhood. Have you ever dreamed of being a firefighter? Have you ever had the opportunity to climb and ride in a fire truck? Instant wow effect. Imagine yourself as an adult pushing the button that triggers the siren. Let him moan, baby. I can’t imagine how much that would impress this neighbor who is always trying to outdo everyone with his “toys”. Your children will be delighted that you are the coolest parents in the world. The possibilities are limitless.

And hey City of Dresden, you have ice cream trucks for sale. There’s a woman I’m trying to impress, and that just might turn things around.

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