Working chair on networked energy systems with TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITAT DRESDEN (TU DRESDEN)

To TU Dresden, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Institute of Electrical Systems and High Voltage Engineering invites applications for the

Chair (W3) of Networked Energy Systems

to be full as soon as possible.

A reliable and secure supply of electrical energy is the basis of modern social life and the engine of strong economic development. The development in the field of electrical engineering is characterized by a fundamental change in the structure of the system. The future guarantee of security of electrical energy supply poses new challenges in terms of design, with particular attention to digitization, and operation of energy supply systems.

You (m/f/x) will represent the field of research and teaching within the study programs in electrical engineering, mechatronics, regenerative energy systems, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and teaching in close collaboration with the three faculties of the School of Engineering. Research and teaching in the field should be considered holistically in the following energy systems in the sense of a cross-cutting subject: heterogeneous power plants, decentralized hybrid structures of energy production and distribution, electro-mechanical machines and turbines. hybrid thermodynamics as well as for environmentally friendly alternative energy sources (hydrogen, renewable energy sources, etc.). In addition, synergies should be sought and included in the logistics networking of electrical machines and drives with energy storage systems and in building energy technology systems, in storage concepts for sustainable mobility and robotics, new environmentally friendly materials for electrical machines and drives to increase efficiency and performance as well as for efficient miniaturization. The 5G and 6G activities in Dresden offer a special platform for the prospective search for synergies. Furthermore, there are important synergies with the Faculty of Computer Science in the development of data communication technologies in energy networks such as AI-based algorithms and quantum communication concepts. Given the strong increase in renewable energy technologies and hydrogen-based energy systems, this chair will play a key role in the climate-neutral energy strategy of TU Dresden. We wish to strengthen the priority areas of research Energy, Mobility and Environment by networking research activities within the university and await the acquisition of third-party funds as well as your participation in academic self-administration.

You will have the opportunity to evolve in the following areas:

  • Theory, modeling and planning of electrical power systems,
  • Calculation methods of stationary and dynamic processes in the operation of electric power supply systems,
  • Smart grid applications, including modeling and optimization of cross-sector energy systems,
  • Signal processing and digitization in electrical energy supply as the basis for protection and selective control technology,
  • Measurement and control technology in the supply of electrical energy,
  • Planning and operation of direct current networks for the supply of electrical energy and
  • Use of artificial intelligence (AI) methods to control energy networks.

We look forward to your substantial support in

  • Calculations for the operation of electrical energy supply systems,
  • Network calculations,
  • load management,
  • Communication technology in electrical engineering and
  • Review of modern cross-industry procurement approaches.

We are looking for you as a scientific expert in the fields of electrical energy supply. You must prove successful scientific activity in one of the current fields of the nomination area, excellent research achievements with high development potential, experience in teaching the subject of electrical engineering, outstanding didactic skills as well as achievements in securing third-party research grants.

We want a dynamic, committed and conscientious researcher who inspires our students in teaching by demonstrating great motivational and didactic skills. Through relevant research experience, you will shape the contemporary and future profile of our faculty. Willingness to cooperate with professors of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, especially in the field of electrical engineering, is a prerequisite. Applicants must fulfill the professional qualification requirements of § 58 of the Law on the Autonomy of Higher Education Institutions of the Free State of Saxony (SächsHSFG). Fluency in German is not a prerequisite for appointment. However, we expect the successful candidate to acquire sufficient German language skills to carry out teaching and administrative tasks within two years of appointment.

For any other questions, please contact the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karlheinz Bock, e-mail: [email protected] or the head of the nomination committee, Prof. Dr.-Ing. dress. Klaus Robenack, tel. +49 351 463-33940; Email: [email protected]

TU Dresden seeks to employ more female teachers. Accordingly, we particularly encourage women to apply. Applications from candidates with disabilities or requiring additional support are welcome. The University is a certified family-friendly university and offers a dual career service. If you have any questions on these topics, please contact the Equal Opportunities Officer of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Ms. Lena Elspaß, tel. +49 351 463-40517) or the representative for employees with disabilities (Mr. Roberto Lemmrich, phone +49 351 463-33175).

Please submit your application, including a CV in tabular form, a description of your scientific career, a list of your scientific publications, and a list of courses taught, assessment results (preferably from the last three years) as well as a certified copy of the certificate of your highest university degree in hard copy to TU Dresden, Dekan der Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, Herrn Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karlheinz Bock, Helmholtzstr. 10, 01069 Dresden, Germany and in electronic form via the TU Dresden SecureMail portal by sending it to [email protected] by October 6, 2022 (the arrival date stamped from the university’s central mail service applies).

Reference to data protection: Your data protection rights, the purpose for which your data will be processed, as well as further data protection information can be found on the website:

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